Caress of the Gaze

My life is now complete - Caress of the Gaze is an interactive 3D-printed wearable top which can detect other people’s gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behavior.

This project offers a vision of the future by exploring the possibility of a second skin fabricated using multi-material 3D printing.

Inspired by the flexible behavior of the skin itself, this outfit exhibits different behaviors in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft. It explores the potential of an actuation system, which is assembled as a form of muscle system using Shape Memory Alloy actuators (SMA) that informs the motion of the skin. It also investigates how our clothing could interact with other people as a primary interface using computer vision technologies.

This project looks at the emerging field of shape-changing structures and interactive systems that bridge the worlds of fashion, art, technology, and design. It questions the relationship between our bodies and the surrounding environment. Even though this approach is still speculative, it opens up the possibility of a radical new approach to interactive clothing.

Her goal is to enhance the relationship between human beings and the built environment by implementing design/motion principles inspired by natural systems. Application areas include architecture, fashion and interaction design.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in several magazines and online websites including WIRED, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, Motherboard, Dezeen, Frame Magazine, The Creators Project and many more.

Meet: Behnaz Farahi 
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