Are we killing our grandchildren by buying that leather jacket?

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Burgeoning in the cities of Scotland we can see the growth of business hubs that nurture small companies and the buzz that it is creating. Fashion and retail is playing a part; the beauty, textile, fashion and jewellery designers are all seeing an upturn in their trade because we are seeing the value in "shop local", the value of investing in artisan or hand-made by our friends or people we know. Supporting a community approach to the clothing you buy.
But what of the big High Street stores? GAP, Zara, H&M, Primark..., will they react? Will they realise the benefit of taking a more holistic approach to business, or will they always bow down to share holder pressure, to improving on next quarters figures? Will there ever be a more balanced approach? Or should we / they embrace the capitalists we are, chase the mighty $buck, squeeze the margins, sod the wee guy, aim for the yacht in Monaco, let our kids worry about the planet that we are slowly killing...