Ask Your Staff

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If you want to solve a problem, increase your turnover, consider the delivery of a new product or service, expand a division, drop a client - have you ever thought to discuss it with more than just the immediate influencers in your business? Okay, so maybe not all employees have your best interest at heart and you're managing a legacy business that has typically not given or listened to staff views in the past - Christmas parties have got out of hand... If you start listening and including, you start to see an empowered workforce that are not just there for the wage.

Here (10 minutes in) Paul Papadimitriou interviews Hiroshi "Mickey" Mikitani CEO of Rakuten, Viber... at LeWeb where Mickey describes the benefits of giving his developers the "down-time" or opportunity to work on anything they want.

Google do it, Apple do it the birds and the bees do it...