New Eyes

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New Eyes

A gym body to curves in all the right places
A saviour that delights, chats that are aces.
Fixated on weight and previous partner,
Easily forgiven for being my garter.

My desire, my passion, my true love revealed
She is the one, all others repealed.
Our partnership, strong and true to behold
We enjoy great conversation, even when bold.

A tempered dark mood was once uncovered
"Leave me alone" is exclaimed, repeated; truth discovered.
Curled up, closed off, working it out
By morning there's apologies, just glad there's no stout.

She's in touch with her feelings, heart on her sleeve
A realist that sees beauty; now I believe.
My cold heart with the positive face
My life well lived not all good, some a disgrace.

Reintroduced to a life I once knew
Now delighted, constantly surprised, enjoying the view.
We've hard times and good, all are great,
Together we'll work on it, that's just our fate.