Change the World or go Home

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Are we at the beginning of a revolution in spreading positive energy through the work that we do, the people that we meet and the words that we speak - or is this just me?

I have had three conversations with different people in the last two days who are on a mission to change the world. Not only that but with genuine belief that they can and they will.

Meet Kath Temple - an amazing force to be reckoned with; her passion, energy and sheer determination to share the benefits of embracing "The Happiness Foundation"

Kath says: "The Happiness Foundation delivers access to all, inspirational programmes and one-to-one support enabling families, adults, older people and young people to flourish. It proactively promotes the powerful impact of positive psychology and social intelligence.

Happiness has an economy and clearly links with success, productivity, health and longevity. This leads to healthier, happier more successful and more inclusive communities. The Foundation builds personal leadership skills, communication and relationship skills, leading to stronger families, stronger communities with positive lifestyle choices."

 Could you do with some of this in your life? Support the phenomenal work that is being done by this not-for-profit organisation; go to their Facebook page and find out more - get in at the beginning, put in a request, say hello or make some suggestions. It's an open door with a little piece of magic inside.

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