Colin Gilchrist - how do you do what you do?

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Passion, Creativity and Energy.

I am often asked how do you do what you do? It's asked by students, people I work with, people I've just met - hell, my own family.

My name is Colin Gilchrist and I love what I do.
Can you say that?

My Twitter BIO says "... if I'm awake I'm working." that of course is not wholly true but I do find it difficult to switch off.

Maybe you don't know me - maybe you do - I have done many things in my life and I will continue to embrace every day but live respectfully and always with others in mind.

So right now I deliver digital marketing strategies to companies through The Social Tailor and design women's wear for SpencerClothing.

I've worked with brands such as Valentino Jeans, Paul Smith and Burberry,

I've won an award for developing a social network that alleviated traffic congestion,

I've spent time in Las Vegas with,

I've been an exhibited artist,

I've produced soundtracks for advertising and short film,

I've been nominated at the Scottish Fashion Awards,

I've been a producer on short film and TV,

I've grafted on the shop floor for companies that included Topshop, Pierre Cardin and Hilditch & Key,

I've provided public speaking presentations for companies that included LinkedIn, the Marketing Industry Network and the University of Edinburgh.

I've been written about on Techcrunch and the Scotland-on-Sunday;

I've appeared on Radio Fourth and Sky TV.

I've been on the main stage at 'T' in the Park in front of 15,000 people with The Proclaimers and invited to a party by Mani from Primal Scream.

I've invested in countless start-up companies, lost a lot and made a little,

I've lived in grand houses and small pads, stayed in magnificent hotels (Old Winter Palace, Luxor - 37th Floor of the Bellagio, Las Vegas to name a couple) and stayed in wee Guest Houses with plastic Chandeliers and stained shower curtains. I'm not materialistic but as with most people appreciate the good things when they're offered.

I believe the role I play in this life is charmed and I've created opportunities for those around me, don't always get it right but with experience we get better.

The essence of this post has come from the new head of Burberry and her recent nervous presentation at a TED confenece - we all have it but are you maximising it?

If you are undertaking a new project or launching a new product I will likely be able to help or at the very least put you in touch with the people that can.

Angela Ahrendts presentation:

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