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Clara Shih (pronounced shy) we chatted (via email) when her book "The Facebook Era" was first published and Brian Solis, author of a few different business books but ultimately talks about the convergence of media and influencers - in this conversation at "South by South West" touched on the breakdown of walls between editorial and advertising content, the need for trust online, and the importance of transparency. They both offered some first-hand experiences that give insight into the best practices for being an influencer. “Ignorance plus arrogance equals irrelevance,” said Solis, a notion echoed by Shih when she added that self-serving content is quickly dismissed by readers. “The great thing about likes, comments and shares is that it’s quite self-policing,” she said. “If you post something that’s overly self-promotional, even your most ardent fans will stop being your fans if you do that consistently.”
Do you agree?

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