Social Media Strategy Training

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I am commissioned by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce to provide sessions on Social Media - so instead of looking at some tools and case studies that most people aspire to but bear no relevance to an Edinburgh SME we look at Strategy Planning.

What I mean - every business has a fairly unique way of communicating to its customers, suppliers, potential customers, internally to staff... so we look at relevant tools (not all of them - just the ones that you need and I know will work for you) and we look at businesses I have worked with over the past 5 years, or friends of mine have worked with and assess what has worked and what hasn't.

We then look at your own business and assess the best route for you to take.

In more detail:

The next one is being held Wednesday 27 July 2011 9.30am-4.30pm
We're missing out August (I need a break) - the one after:

Wednesday 21 September 2011 9.30am-4.30pm

This course is for you if…

You are in senior management, marketing, PR and or customer care. It would be ideal if you had made a start with the most popular tools: Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter – but not essential.

Benefits of attending

This day looks at real, local or personally experienced case studies, how we can apply elements to your business and the steps required getting you there. An understanding of the essentials - a social media policy for your business, a crisis plan and what to avoid, how to measure so you can track real ROI. You will leave with a better understanding of what is required and how to achieve it from someone that does it daily for multiple businesses with real world experience.


The day is split into 2 areas – part one looks at the tools and case studies relevant to the businesses attending each specific session.

Part 2 we look at laying out a strategy – what are the requirements, who needs to be involved, how it is delivered, the tone of voice, and the best tools to monitor your activity.


The session uses presentation slides, handouts and live online examples.

A social media policy – why every business needs one and what yours should include

Before we look at tools – which ones do your customers use? Do you know who and where your customers are?
Do you know your employees – are they socially active, can they help?
The tools – with guides, examples, tips, insights and approaches for marketing and brand development and promotion

The tools for Business Development – that cold call is now almost no longer required – we also show you how to find anyone’s email address
We look at timing and the most effective time to communicate and some tools that allow you to post in numerous places simultaneously

Case studies of both Business to Business and Business to Consumer – an example of a business that in 9 years has a turnover in excess of $1 billion a year (from a standing start) who due to a specific company culture and almost entirely social approach to marketing and customer engagement continue to thrive.

The importance of having a plan, integrating existing PR, marketing and sales activities to a social media strategy – the importance of campaigns and the different approach required – sharing the real difference a customer care policy has when anyone and everyone within your business meets someone new for the first time and the impression they leave with.

Crisis Planning – the boardroom nightmare, how to avoid social media scares, how to plan for them, prepare and promote the solution when the problem starts to unfurl. The approach to take, the leverage required and who to speak to – internally and externally.

Then we look at the tools required to monitor the activity so we can quickly identify what works and doesn’t work for our organisation – how to use an analysis report to ensure we increase our ROI with every campaign and strategy approach.

Typically you will leave buzzing and exhausted – bring a large notepad and an inquisitive mind.

Funding Available
This course is approved for ILA & Skills Development Scotland funding, please contact us on 0131 221 3191 or email: find out more about funding options available.

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Capital House, 2 Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SU

Please note: Members may invite guests to Chamber courses and there are no restrictions (except number of available places) as to how many guests they invite to any one course.

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PS. the image is Jamie Lovie who looks after your booking and keeps me in check.