Digital Professionals Wanted!

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Some of you will know that a certain Jill Gilchrist (wife) has set up her own recruitment business after 16 years of doing it for someone else and guess what? It's called: Gilchrist Recruitment Partnership.

It can be the making of an agency, finding that person that not only fits but can sense and grasp just exactly what the clients are attempting to achieve and take you from a four man team up to a multi £1m + agency with those clients that everyone else wanted.
So how do you do it?
Those of you that are now predominantly digital - a business in Spain has come up with an interesting approach; at the moment you check their CV, look at the languages they are using, be given links to sites they've worked on, or limited access to "example" database work, you will also look at their current location (some developers gets into a zone to crack a problem and will work and work until the back is broken) so they need to be across the road or very close (ideally).  And then of course invite the top 3 or 4 for a face-to-face, provide an online test to confirm their language knowledge and ability - or take your lead guy out of a job and make him join you... This is painful at best and talk about time consuming... setting up the test is essential because there are some that blag and hope that online forums will get them through - just too time consuming.
But Spanish Masterbranch helps employers find good developers by putting open-source code contributions at the centre of their job seeker’s CV - damn obvious when you think about it - but of course how many recruiters of digital actually know what it is they're talking about?
Or the e-commerce business I spent a short time with that has an interesting way of identifying the right people - they have everyone fill out an application form - yup doesn't matter if you're the delivery guy or the new Financial Director - everyone - the form has IQ questions, psychometric questions, games and role play (they've sussed the cut and paste from the internet), from the responses they carryout 2 interviews - one from HR and another with the division, then there's a two week induction process which again everyone goes through (they have a fairly unique culture and this process is essential to get into the right mind-set).  At the end they are offered a cash incentive to leave on the spot or really get behind the company - so you might think hell this would be a nightmare to facilitate, a huge investment - you'd be right, but then look at what that business has achieved - in 9 years they turn over $1.3 billion from a zero start.
So how is Linkedin working for you? Or the cheap solution that matches your brief to an advert - sending you loads of CV's mostly of no hope-rs...
Don't get me wrong as a business development tool Linkedin is the dogs - if you know how to look up the right people it's a cinch but of course that's just the start of the journey - the only way is for your Recruiter / HR / MD / Owner to actually know the business and know the role - click with the existing staff, see what it is that makes them tick, speak to them both when they're under pressure and with a glass of wine in their hand and find those warm bodies that will gel but also make everyone else want to raise their game!