Why take a pad and pen to a meeting?

I am often sniggered at when I go to various tech "meet-ups" by the geeks who often whip out their gadgets and furiously tap away as conversations develop, or speakers make it clear there will no hand-outs.

Little do they realise that those of us with just a smidge of creativity have an amazing opportunity to produce something never before seen and close to impossible to being copied - and yet everything they do has been done and will be copied...

Do I mind? Not in the slightest - I just smirk at their assumptions and lack of creativity.

When I talk about my creative streak, I mean the time I spent as an artist producing work that commanded £1000's, producing for exhibitions both group and solo. Can you tell I miss it?

I have a hankering, I need to make the time... and this time I fancy pen and ink:

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