Social Media Unleashed, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Tonight I (Digital Face) found myself sharing the stage with some amazing businesses - clearly I'm doing something right.

The event was the brainchild of Arvind Salwan at New Media Corp and Tim Wright at Twintangibles producing an amazing array of business leaders for the audience with speakers from the group above.

The real stand out speaker however was invited by Adam Gordon of Winning Work - Paul McComish the CEO of a Construction Business (the McComish Group) who has secured many £million contracts through his activity on Linkedin. One such Group is Insurance Reinstatement

The theme of the event was very strategy focussed - my piece was how to prepare for or avoid a Crisis I enclose the slides below:

If you'd like some notes on how to prepare for a potential crisis - or how to avoid it completely feel free to get in touch.


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