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It's a new year, so let's make good some of those resolutions we looked at last year! The prime one for many is spending more time with loved ones. I often spout about the importance of a happy stress free work environment to maximise a business through better more efficient productivity. Having a delighted work force that cherish the business they work for is difficult to achieve but one of the things we could learn from the US is the importance placed on it. Barak Obama has leant his voice to the cause.

As a boss have you asked your staff whether they would prefer a more flexible work environment? As an employee have you considered asking to work from home on occasion? Did you have a valid argument and is it possible for you?

The following film was created by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation of America, it does however beautifully portray the dramatic shift in working practices and family culture in current times.

This is not new. More and more I am being brought into companies that wish to initiate a social media marketing strategy but before I can start we have to assess the happiness of the staff, the employees could quite quickly scupper a great plan if they're unhappy or miserable - some will feel trapped and unloved and will go to great lengths to share that distaste. Social media is a great forum for it - a flexible work environment is one element that should be considered.

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  1. Excellent post and film. I'm lucky, I have a lot of flexibility at work, it makes family life much easier

  2. We try to encourage flexibility where possible - the only fixed points being client meetings / training where it's not possible to work remotely.

    If the work is done and the time is worked then we're all happy. Stopping staff from working from home - particularly when it's digital work - can cause some resentment.

    Often employers are worried about home being too much of a distraction, but in truth our experience is that the office can be more disruptive and home is a place of refuge (depending on the age of children or the neediness of partners).

    Employee satisfaction on work arrangements have to be high on the agenda or they'll not be happy to work and the team dynamic will suffer. It's another aspect of workplace health and safety.

    Another element - more complex - is the time of day employees are most productive. Designers sometimes do their best work in the afternoon, evening and night. Consider giving them days where they can work those hours. Let's call it time ergonomics.


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