Product Placement becomes legal on UK TV

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So we heard earlier this week (thanks Marketing Week) that product placement will become legal on UK TV screens from February 2011.What will be the impact on production values within popular TV shows? Could media buyers execute a bidding war between Fosters and Carling to be served in the bar on Coronation Street? The opportunities now available to quick thinking products, brands and media buyers… I can see a whole new specialism opening up.

I know from personal experience in the social web the benefits of “product placement” – I’m referring to the world of the blogger. I know many that write incessantly and in a positive way about particular brands with the soul intention of receiving product, or have built up such a phenomenal following that they are approached to write about or discus products – some find this distasteful but if it’s in character I see nothing wrong with it. I write for a number of blogs, one of which is fashion based ( and I personally have received press passes (tickets) to London Fashion Week, samples of jewellery and clothing – all bar the tickets have been returned because as much as I recognise the attempt, it’s not the way I want to run that site.

So could TV production companies be tempted to start integrating products onto their shows in an attempt to chase much needed funds, rather than be successful and be approached?

Video credit Paramount and Icon for What Women Want
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