Social Media Marketing by Colin Gilchrist

If you are business wondering how to apply a social media strategy to your marketing activities this is the process that continues to work for me and the businesses that employ my services.

1. I research and visit the business - to assess:

  • The products and services, 
  • The consumers 
  • The staff
  • The business processes and activities of those involved

2. I have the staff complete a "Training Needs Analysis"
3. Meet and discuss a potential strategy with the inhouse or external marketing or advertising agency
4. Meet the HR team (or persons) to discuss a social media policy document for employee contracts or employee guidelines.
5. Construct a training programme for all relevant staff, with suggestions of a strategy plan.
6. Initiate the training - discuss the likely routes for the strategy
7. Build and develop the strategy plan from these sessions for the next 6 to 12 months
8. Deliver a Social Media Policy proforma document for deliberation by the HR team and the appointed company lawyers.
9. Implement the plan giving clear instruction to all participants
10. The marketing agency are then appointed to create buzz circulating around the business calendar of events and their existing activities to ensure all activity is fully integrated.
11. My role is to police the activity and ensure it travels on the right path - in addition to monitoring and monthly reporting on all and any activity to the Board or Management.
12. Review every 6 months.

Be aware that this activity is continually providing great results and typically the person steering it from inside your business is having trouble coping with all the added work - this usually leads to the appointment of a competent Community Manager.  It should be unusual that you appoint someone from outside the business into this role unless it is a role they have fulfilled for an immediate competitor.

A Community Manager should not only know your business inside out but also the staff throughout - they are the ones in the trenches, fighting the fires and delivering short term activities with one eye on the future.

My goal is to set the process up, police it for a few months and hand it over to the business - with as I've said a review every 6 months.

I hope that clarifies any elements anyone might have?

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  1. Good of you to share this information Colin. Sounds like a watertight strategy you put in place.

    Best wishes

  2. Gavin,
    I guess when businesses approach me they think, oh wait - it's like PR; thinking their investment dribbles out once a month - not so.
    I'm just attempting to lessen the HOW MUCH!?

  3. There will be a number of caveats to this process. If for instance it is a professional business, it is often best to initiate internal social media communications prior to a public one - to familiarise staff with the process, attitude and tone of voice. By that I mean, Blogs, Wikis and closed networks like Salesforce Chatter (


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