Foursquare, Burgled or Brilliant?

My Latest post for the Drum Marketing Magazine:

There can be no doubt that “foursquare” is dividing the online social community – if you’ve never come across it, check it out and form your own opinion.  In brief it is a smart phone application that allows its user to confirm their location whilst also encouraging you to leave a tip or message in relation to that location.  You have 140 characters in which to leave the message and then the opportunity to share it on Twitter and Facebook (Foursquare automatically shares it with your friends – on foursquare).
Ok so there are those that say – “Hold on, if I publicise where I am, people are going to know I’m not at home…”; hence the opportunist Burglar that is tech savvy;  – you get the drift.
Then there is the other camp – generally the businesses, like GAP, Costa Coffee, David Lloyd Clubs… are delighted that someone – obviously a fan – checks in because their shop or business premises is then put on the map and circulated around (potentially) thousands of people. (See the GAP story here)
Then there is the game element ... see the full article here

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