St Margaret's School, Edinburgh in Liquidation!

St Margaret's School for girls in Edinburgh has been put into provisional liquidation by the RBS appointed KPMG - a sad day indeed. 

My association with it is limited, my sister went there, some previous girl friends (ahem) and so I have some fond memories (some very fond...) but it occurred to me they were missing a trick in generating some positive PR or generating a higher intake of pupils. Over the years they've done all sorts of things, joined up with other schools, created some PR and marketing exercises but nothing that has really made them stand out.

I didn't go to Edinburgh Academy but my brother did and say what you like about them, they've produced some great rugby players, some great academics but they're latest export is this guy Alex Gardner - I've only heard of him because he knows my daughter.  But I'm guessing there is a trick to be made by abusing the talent that lives in private schools to generate interest (and pupil numbers) by not the explotation but along those lines.  Abuse people's fixation with Celebrity - approaching a well known local celebrity and offer them rates to send their offspring to the same school for example... Now tell me you wouldn't want to know more about the school if you knew Madonna's kids were going to it?

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  1. My stepmother was teaching French and German there until she retired 2 years ago. She said it was a great school. Hope St Margaret's can be rescued, I liked everyone I met who transferred to the Academy, they were down to earth, friendly and universally pleasant.


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