Scottish Top Track Private Companies

The Sunday Times list came out today for the UK; I always make a point of checking out the Scottish contingent - so here goes:

Arnold Clark, Glasgow, £2,139,000 - Automobiles (went from 12th place to 15th)

KCA Deutag Group, Aberdeen, £1,016,000 - Drilling Contractor (went from 54th place to 44th)
Kwik-Fit, Edinburgh, £968,000 - Car Repair Centre (went from 48th place to 47th)
Miller Group, Edinburgh, £783,000 - Housebuilding (went from 38th place to 61st)
PSN, Aberdeen, £716,000 - Oil Services Provider (went from 76th place to 68th)
William Grant and Sons, Banffshire, £598,000 - Distiller (went from unlisted place to 96th)

Last year there were 10 Scottish listed companies in the top 100, 6 this year and one of which was unlisted last year.

Make of it what you will, if I were a teacher... "Scotland, could do better."

As someone that stays in touch with entrepreneurial start-ups and investment partnerships there are some exciting businesses emerging, however our strength, financial markets have taken quite a beating...

Have you any opinions on the state our country's business?

As prepared by Digital Face using Fast Track in association with The Sunday Times

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  1. I didn't realise the Miller Group were in that position at that time.


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