Linkedin is rude!

People are now beginning to realise that Linkedin is an amazing business development tool - that cold calling is almost no longer required and compared to using an introductory email you are 25% more likely to achieve a response.

I learned fairly recently that when you approach new contacts on Linkedin the stats are largely thus:
25% will accept you whether you are a serial killer or a trapeze artist
25% will ignore you because they just don't know or like the look of you.
50% will go either way.

The automated form for connecting makes people rude (see image) and I find that people who don't change the wording are generally lazy, don't know how or are in the business of collecting names for their profile rather than considering a polite approach.  So if you wish to invite a connection from an individual that you have never met can I offer some free advice: take a couple of seconds to change the text, you are likely to be considerably more successful.

Have you yet to add a profile picture?  An individual who shall remain nameless did not have a profile picture for 8 months and struggled to connect with people that she knew - the minute a picture went up she was getting almost daily approaches (not just because she's hot...) people often remember faces before names - there are also photographers that specialise in creating the right profile picture for Linkedin - it's just a case of being professional and approachable. Oh yes, and using a company logo, if you are... good luck with that one (yawn), it's very impersonal.

The real success through Linkedin however is the follow-up call.  If you are using it to grow a database of potential new clients can I suggest you make a note of who you have approached, follow up with another message and then a phone call (all being well).

So is Linkedin rude? No not really but it does make people rude.

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