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Right - you've woken up, it's a wee bit earlier than usual and you think "you know what I've not written on my blog for a wee while - now's the time..." because you have the time, then you stop and think, well this wasn't very well planned, what am I going to share with my adoring public... or rather the 2 people that if bothered might take a squiz (one of whom happens to be your mother).

A couple of do's and don'ts about blogging - oh god here we go, there's loads of posts on this stuff - yes but hold on, not from my point of view!

To build trust and traction stage one:
Comment on other people's blogs that are in your industry or of interest to you - get known out-with your own network - when commenting stick to what you know and in a positive tone.

Never sell your own products, by all means endorse someone elses - the minute you push your own stuff 98% of us have lost interest.

Feature your customers - for me this week it would be the gorgeous and glamerous people at:

Give useful advice away for free and demonstrate your knowlegde - that would be this post...

Keep it business like but not boring - I mean let's face it, if you write screeds and screeds of pertinent information, you wont get fans you'll get serial killers - there's a lot less of them.

Give credit where it's due - this is where I mention my old school buddy Hugh Macleod ( and his introduction to Seth Godin and Robert Scoble...

And stop - most people have a fairly short attention span, and you have to keep them wanting more, the rules to writting a great blog I learnt from Chris Brogan - there's 28 rules in total so this is just the start...

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