Google Wave revisited

Sharlyn Lauby at Mashable has just posted an article about Google Wave - yes I know, we'd pretty much forgotten about it.

For my tuppence worth I offer this (as discussed with Tim Barlow last Friday) - there are a number of reasons why it's not taking off or being adopted by numerous individuals or businesses.

The main reason why businesses are not dropping everything to jump all over it - because it looks unprofessional - it looks like gmail with bits - not a corporate coating of design that fits into a slick business with an apple like website, glass meeting room tables and leather chairs. - To seduce the business or corporate world give it a makeover and label it "corporate edition" - oh yes and slap a premium on it so they know it's worth something.

The public version visually is fine, hey those of you used to gmail / hotmail etc don't care that much - however usability, it's pants - you can't tell me the layout and functionality has been user tested to death! It's a simple tool with some great features made complicated by the layout.

There I've said it - I love Google but they've made a codswallop of this brilliant product.

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