What is fashion? Burberry in the spotlight

Are you Fashionable – or maybe you like classics – does that say more about your age than your personality?

Did you catch the media frenzy around Christopher Bailey’s latest collection for Burberry – I mean, hell, in my opinion it was horrendous – mounds of fabric wound round and round in swathes to indicate a skirt or dress – everything rouched like rag rolls and yet it has been the hit of the season. Why?

Burberry is on the ascendancy again.

I was part of the Burberry team when Rose Marie Bravo came over from Saks to turn a Chav wearing English icon into a catwalk phenomenon in the 90’s– and here we go again, how is that?

I mean right now you can buy a satin asymmetrical coat covered in rouches for £1,595.00 on the Burberry website and I’m not balking at the price (that’s the going rate for Burberry) – but it’s satin! – A coat in satin… that’ll be fashion then.

How have they done it; what’s their secret sauce – I’ll tell you how – you can read the full article here

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