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Today I delivered a social media seminar for an advertising business and their clients and contacts (I'll get their permission before I mention them). It was interesting for me on a number of different levels but mainly the difference 6 months can make.

What I mean to say is that the understanding of the subject and what is possible is becoming much more mainstream and it made me question internally the levels of expertise in this area.

I do not profess to be an expert or guru and I think that if anyone self-proclaims that fact you should immediately be very very suspicious of them. Yes of course I have been labelled both a guru and expert but I am quick to correct the host. My experience spans 10 years in digital but only 4 in social media - but there I was delivering a subject matter that always draws an interesting audience and the levels of understanding compared to 6 months ago is considerable. This is largely due to the celeb chat and the amazing impact some youtube or twitter campaign has had and been reported on in the news.

I am only too aware of marketing, PR and even digital agencies that call themselves experts in social media and actually they've got someone that has crashed the social internet for 6 months, created a few profiles and dabbled a bit in delivering test campaigns - they are opening themselves up to all sorts of dangers but not only that, their clients to whom they are selling their social media story to... And then of course what happens when the client turns off the tap and the campaign to have any impact has to run for 18 months - what then?

The agency I have been consulting for and delivering todays seminar are grasping this online revolution with both hands - cautiously but openly. In fact the MD stated that their recent 'Tweeting' had already delivered a lead into a business not even on their radar; and what's more that business came to them.

They've set up Twitter accounts for all the staff (I hope their cleaner gets one too) and a new blog with a clear focus.

Starting on this social media trail has to be considered by every business - we are all agreed that it's very easy to start, it's not so easy to maintain and what's more the planning that has to go into a focussed blog is considerable - a story for another time...

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  1. Fantastic post Colin and doing a very similar thing I agree with you that this is becoming the norm but what is lacking in most cases is a well thought out strategy/goal from the client.

  2. Great post Colin, really made me sit up and take notice. Agree completely that awareness has increased massively and many businesses have begun to build followers, fans and blog subscribers, it's the "what happens next" bit that will be interesting.


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