The wonder of Podcasts

On a curiosity bender - that's the strapline to WNYC's Radio Lab.

I've been a fan of the RadioLab podcast ever since Seth Godin recommended it a couple of months back - it's a real education and fascinating to listen to. A recent post looks at our way of thinking and why we might think in a particular way - a recent experiment looked at a group of people who were told that they would be given a number to memorise in one room and recite it in another. Simple. Ok, but get this, some are given a 2 digit number others a 7 digit number. Whilst walking from one room to the other they are individually interrupted by a pleasant lady offering both a huge slice of chocolate cake or a bowl of fruit salad, they could have one or the other. The 7 digit people went for the cake - the 2 digit the fruit salad (not all but vast majority) - no clear reason, it's an evolutionary response.

Our social emotional responses are geared towards life in which our ancestors evolved - we have a moral button that gets pushed by the kind of things that they might have encountered. However there are new phenomenon that our emotions are not prepared for and we struggle depending on our education with that thought process.

This new revolution of Internet and social media is pouring a massive dump of information on our brains and depending on our socio economic conditioning we struggle to come to terms with it. We know from previous experience that those early adopters often either get shot and fail abysmally or become hugely successful - which will you be?