Seminar feedback

I recently got some feedback from a conference for Edinburgh City Council where I was providing a presentation on using social media for Neighbourhood Partnerships - deep breath:

Your workshop contributed to the day as it clearly gave people an idea about a concrete / real area in which we can improve the way we share information with and engage local communities. A very short selection of pledges from participants seems to reflect the influence that the 'Get Connected' session had on our delegates.

Their pledges included:

Þ I will support my peers to use digital methods of including people – using these methods will reduce the cost of promotion and increase community discussion and participation.

Þ Build our Facebook page / web presence (Community Councillor)

Þ ‘I will create a blog to engage with more of the community’

Þ ‘Learn to use twitter or social networking site’

Þ ‘Look again / improve community engagement tools and techniques – more imaginative ways.’

Þ Sharing information