Scottish Government 2.0?

"Our current government is like a vending machine. We put in taxes and out comes roads, schools, police protection, schools and armies, health care and retirement. And when we don't get the services we want, or the prices are too high, all we can do is shake the vending machine.

Meanwhile our leaders debate whether to raise prices and put more goods and services into the vending machine, or to slash prices by reducing the number of offerings.

What if there were another choice?

The secret learned by technology providers is to spend less time providing services for citizens and to spend more time providing services to developers. Every successful technology platform, from the personal computer and the Internet to the iPhone has been profoundly generative: a small investment in open infrastructure that others can build on turns into a vast cornucopia of services.

This is the right way to frame the question "Government 2.0." How does government become an open platform that allows people inside and outside government to provide better services to each other? In this model government is a convener and an enabler rather than the first mover of civic action." by Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media who was working to bring together technology and government through his Government 2.0 Summit and Government 2.0 Expo

"When the best leader leads, the people say "We did it ourselves" - Lao Tzu

I am very interested in developing a better more inclusive Scottish Government that recognises that the bills they promote, services they offer are to benefit the very people they are there to represent. And as such should consider using this revolution in communication as a way of better including those people they represent = you and I.

I want to offer my support and guidance in its adoption: 07968 847 210 or

This excerpt is taken from Seth Godin