What do you do all day?

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Are you a leader in your field, a starter who has just been made redundant or a sole trader with more work than you can cope with? Ever been asked what you do all day?

My wife asked me - aside from thinking "cheeky bint" I thought I'll make a journal. Hell, I've got a blog I can chuck it up there - that will soon tell me what I do most of the time. Needless to say I took the old school route and started writing a journal rather than endure the public humiliation of sharing the fact that I spent the best part of 5 hours with a retained client for the monstrous (reduced) fee of £x

The Red Dress core activity is web design (and yes it's amazing, effective...), don't get me wrong we do lots of other stuff too (however this is not the platform for pontificating about our own brilliant work); but I soon established that the amount of time I spend online is scary, I mean literally 14 to 18 hours a day. And where is that time spent?

Our working processes are known as cloud based... yes I know - it doesn't mean much to me either but basically our email, documents, server, all the things we need to run an effective business are not office based - there is no big box with battery backup and whirring fans to keep it alive in our building. It all lives in Googleland with local memory drives (hard drives).

This got me thinking about subliminal messaging, advertising and voting. Here we have a massive machine (Google) that we as a business, and I as an individual is registered with (like Facebook and all those others) where it automatically knows our web history (not just surfing). And yes I know Google are keen to be seen as the good guys, which fair play is hard when you are the size and power they behold. But the opportunity to place messages, ask a quick question or place a vote is right there for the taking and yet they don't, or do they?

There is only 5 of us, Google had in June 2008 19,000 employees, what do they do all day?


  1. A point well made to me a while ago was “what if these so called ‘free services’ were suddenly to pay for at a premium and if we didn’t hand over our cash we were locked out? Makes you think doesn’t it?
    So is it better to have it all sitting in the corner of the office making strange noises, but ours, or online for free with a company like Google and essentially theirs?

    I like you Colin spend a lot of time online, trying to quantify how much in terms of hard cash I am getting from it is proving difficult.


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