Starter for 6

I'm just back from an excellent evening at The Arches in Glasgow organised by Lynsey at the Starter for 6 programme along with colleague Gillian. I was sharing the stage with Debs and Gaylie at RM* (rm star) for an active discussion centred around networks, social media and marketing.

Starter for 6 "is an enterprise training programme that supports up and coming creative entrepreneurs across Scotland. By helping to turn creative ideas into successful businesses, the programme not only contributes towards the success of the Scottish economy but also raises the awareness and profile of talented entrepreneurs in Scotland." Check out the website to find out more: Starter for 6

When I'm commissioned to provide a seminar it's great to have a local company who can share the limelight and their experience of networking and networks. In the world of creative businesses RM* are a great example; both Debs and Gaylie were fine artists and designers and have successfully forged a careeer and business. What has really helped them is their network of friends and their ability to network a room.

Artists in my opinion become successful when they challenge their comfort zone - RM* are a great example of that.

So if you know anyone in the creative industries in Scotland who is looking to branch out on their own get them to check out Starter for 6 and contact either: Lynsey Smith – Programme Manager or Sally Johnston – Assistant Programme Officer - applications are now being taken.

Extract: (Starter for 6 is an enterprise training programme that supports up-and-coming creative entrepreneurs across Scotland. Over the past three years the programme has received over 600 applications, supported 210 creative individuals and awarded 84 of them with grants up to £10,000.)