Provide brilliance for equity, because we do!


What the hell is going on out there!

In the past week we as an agency (Red Dress) have been asked to provide design, print, social media marketing strategy, web, interior design, video and music production - the whole nine yards - oh but guess what, you'll get paid - a little bit, the rest we can give you as equity in the business - by, get this, 5 different companies!

And you know what, it's brilliant because we've just been made redundant and we have some cash to follow our dream which you can be part of...

So do we become a design agency that invests in businesses - you know what we might be; as a previous investor I've been burnt but had a couple of successes along the way. It's made me look at our offer in a very different way - not only that it's made me cross examine those particular businesses in a way that makes some of them squirm - because lets face it if we're investing - the business model has to be damn solid.

Ok so we've turned £1 into £700 for one client - but they had a product that the market wanted - and we knew how to find that market and present to it - don't presume good marketing is going to turn your crap product into the biggest most successful thing on the planet just because you've got a great design and marketing agency behind it. I'm not in the business of helping every Tom, Dick or Harriet that wants our services (he says this hoping some of the company Directors and share holders wont read this...) but seriously, we are Gods gift to some companies - but not everybody - particularly when they ask us to invest in their business!

Time to take a chill pill - but seriously, straight forward client that wants our services on a retained basis please. Thanks, I know your listening.