Revenge of the Dentist

Are Dentists about to go the way of opticians?

Do you remember, it wasn't that long ago but there used to be loads of little independent opticians; 90% of them dropped off the face of the earth.


The multi store, the conglomerate, the superstore drop-in... the wee guy just couldn't compete.

I learned today from an amazing Dental Coach (Chris Barrow) that the same fate is about befall the independent dentist and if they're to survive some drastic action needs to happen. The threat is coming from multiple sources from market and economic conditions, the players so far:
A check up from Optical Express = £15.00,
Sainsbury's (Manchester test site) = £16.00
The NHS = £16.50

You can almost see the competition hotting up.

Those that survive will do amazingly well but most will wind up struggling, trying to find a buyer or route to exit.

At Red Dress we are finalising a package that will ensure those interested in surviving will have more than a fighting chance - hell if we can do it for online retail, the travel industry and recruitment we can do it for dentists. Working with Whitecross Dental has opened up a new awareness in the possibilities available to successful, fast moving, future focused practices. From an investment of £35,000 we achieved confirmed sales of £1.3 million for one of our clients... further research into Dental beckons.

I look forward to launching our rescue package... watch this space.


  1. Whitecross Dental love you and love working with Reddress creative! Excellent blog post today

  2. Great blog Colin! Dentists need to react to the changing environment just like any other industry. I wonder what the most succesful dentist in the world, Paddi Lund, makes of this change? He has half the customers of most dentists and makes twice the money!


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