It was emotional

One of the challenges in the creative business is making your client stand out from their competition. Ultimately what we are attempting to do is assign a strong emotion to the brand, product or service. The best way for your consumers to want your product is the experience they have or associate with it - WE i.e. the client and the agency, must work together to create a passionate response to it.

The experience the consumer has with you happens on many levels:
1. They have to spot you or be drawn to you through image, appearance and association.
2. That first interaction (3 to 15 seconds) whether personal or online has to fulfil a promise of: trust, benefit and need.
3. On purchase or sale the process must be smooth and benefit both parties, a feeling of well being for both.
4. After sale, even more importantly is that all important follow up by the vendor - even more importantly when there is no need. Provide an opportunity for constant and continued communication.

The goal on selling or interaction with your brand is for the consumer (or window shopper) to go away thinking WOW!

Our aim is for you to fall in love with it, and to recommend it to a friend.

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  1. Well Colin, the only one of those experiences I've had lately was from Moo. And it was the post sale experience; they definitely stand out from the sea of boring printers.

  2. Hi Fraser, thanks for droping by.
    It's all too frequent unfortunately, Moo cards are a great example.

    People often forget that to build a business looking after your existing customers is a lot easier than finding new ones.


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