Content is no longer King

We have all been told over the years that working online content is king, it’s what drives the traffic, gets our websites found, the very reason people get passionate about your products and brands. Has anyone else noticed the shift? The middle man holds the upper hand.

Let me name a few brands:
Apple ipod / itunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify...

These guys are all operating in a near monopoly. Ipod was not a new innovation, what broke the mould was its connection with itunes and as a distribution method controls considerable power over its recording artists. The distribution of the content became as important as the content providers.

Google has a similar position, although their financial model is a bit different, AdWords accounts for most of their profit. As distributors they don’t create content, instead they aggregate content from a variety of sources into one distribution system.

In marketing I often talk about the ‘Social Object’ – it is the very reason social networks exist; you can not have one without the other. A social object or ‘lovemark’ is the product we get passionate about and want to share our opinions with our friends and fans – the very reason to connect. Social networks often fail if they lose sight of the reason they exist, however one can not exist without the other and as such the network holds the upper hand. Learn more about social objects here: Gapingvoid

The King is dead, long live the King.