USP - Unique selling point

What is your unique selling point?
Do you know how to find it?
Are you and your competitor selling almost the same product range and you're toiling to think how you can stand out?
Or maybe you think you have no competitors - "you are like, so not in my league girlfriend!"

Chris Brogan wrote an interesting piece in his blog today, ultimately the defining moment (as he points out) is the business being set up to be helpful - you're thinking huh!?

In this world of social media we are all reliant on our online personalities, those people that wow us with their service or go out of their way to be helpful will be raved about - now here is something no one can replicate.

The best service gets recommended over price competitiveness, product offering and anything else you care to mention. Ultimately the consumer has found you, it is now in your power to maximise that opportunity by making it as easy as possible for them to love you for the service you have just provided.

Of course there are other ways to compete - I just believe Helpful is a really powerful way.

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