Success online

There are a number of ways to portray your company online; I have discovered over the years that if you are using a website to promote your company there are 3 key elements that have to be front and centre.
1. What you love doing
2. What you are really good at
3. Where your biggest profit margin is
People buy from people, they like to know you have a personality, you have a story to tell (that you've made mistakes and moved on... like yesterdays blog post, ouch).
If you are an enormous faceless organisation it doesn't help unless you are the buyer and you feel secure (or insecure) that your purchase from a big player will save your ass if it goes tits up.

Your identity needs to tell a story, in no more than 3 words - online people blink and move on if they don't get it. Ebay is a great example of this, they have a couple of buttons, one says buy, another says sell - ok it's well known now, but you know instantly what they do and how they do it.

We at Red Dress are having a phenomenal time right now, we have more work than we can cope with and had to outsource recently - which clearly I hate doing because profit margins are hit... now normally I would put this down to how we market ourselves, but we've not long just merged and we jointly have under estimated the impact that has had on our combined clients.

I unlike some do not claim to be a guru or expert in online marketing and social media - it's a moving feast and anybody that does make that claim is asking for trouble in my opinion. I do however follow and have been involved in social media since 2005, hell I created a UK first in social media in 2006 - joined Twitter in 2007 and created a twitter tool for businesses, you may of heard of it: Tweetabits.

I would like to say that our recent success at Red Dress is largely down to my involvement in social media, although partly true, it's down to wearing our heart on our sleeve, when meeting clients we exude passion and commitment.

That's why we have success online.