Social Marketing Guru. No a Social Tailor!

Maybe you've heard me wax lyrical about my experiences using and working with social tools... (should that read applications, probably not), anyway I just wanted to mention that anyone who claims to be a Social Marketing Guru should be eyed with deep suspicion. There are just far too many social applications and networks for any one person to keep up to speed on them all.

I am being pimped out more and more by Red Dress to provide seminars in social marketing and it's place in businesses and communities and I have to say it's a real delight to learn of the success stories that are just now coming through from various attendees. And from all quarters and utilising completely different tools to obtain that all important result.

Maybe it's just me but there is a real air of positivity at work and on the phones - the news this morning about the upturn in job opportunities and the rise in FTSE 100 is really encouraging - although sorry to learn about the Diageo situation through in the west, bit of a bugger that one.

Getting back to those social case studies - you'll of heard me speak about our friends the @showerguys Paul and Les and what a turnaround they experienced from largely being determined to have fun at work and tell anyone who would listen via Youtube, flickr, twitter and their blog. Then there's the amazing transformation at Edinburgh Park:

The situation of traffic congestion coming in and out of Edinburgh Park (next to Gyle Shopping Centre) was becoming really problematic to the point when the developers asked for further planning permission it was refused... their only get out clause was to come up with a green traffic plan. In we stepped and suggested a UK first (this was the tail end of 2006) by creating a closed social network for a business park and all the 7000 employees that worked their.

The network is traffic centred but fulfills lots of other criteria at the same time; it has web traffic cams, bus tracking, car-sharing, city car club, cycle groups and park map all with the intention of helping commuters better manage their travel activity. There are now 4,000 registered participants. The social part of the site is limited to only those that work on the park (it recognises their email) and they benefit from discount vouchers and other benefits limited to the park community. It's a phenomenal success story - our struggle in the beginning was persuading the businesses on the park that it was a good idea.

The park site benefits from feeds: news (local and national), weather (all important!), a twitter feed (any mention of the #EdPark and it appears on their home page) and a great directory of all the amenities both on the park and locally so the site needs minimal management; if I said it almost runs itself I'm sure Gordon would string me up but you get the idea.

So my new title at work: Social Tailor - cutting the cloth of any and all social tools to make a solution that fits the requirement (and budget).

There are more case studies but I'll save them for another day - to see the site go here: Edinburgh Park Community


  1. How good is that? Great case study Colin. I heard you talk about this before but did not realise the full story. When social technology works like this for the benefit of a whole community, it is a wonderful thing.

    Cheers Andy


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