Recruitment a love hate thing

Ok so they've come in for some real stick over the past few years and now they want us to feel sorry for them because loads are losing jobs due to the current economic climate.

If you are not in recruitment there are all these ways of finding potential candidates and places to post jobs whether it's LinkedIn, Monster, Gumtree and loads more besides...

But you know what, the consultants that are still doing it must be really good at what they do - I know one or two (actually quite a few) and they continue to succeed. Why?

My experience is thus - it's a big investment, I'm involved in a few small businesses so whomever is chosen will make a dramatic impact, the fit has to be right. Those of you that don't know me maybe don't appreciate that my wife Jill is in recruitment (and no she doesn't know I'm writting this...) so I have the inside track. However that aside, I ask a lot of their service: having whittled down 3 or 4 possible candidates I get the consultant (not Jill) to sit with me in the interview, because lets face it I don't cross examine for a living. I make notes and make the choice or revise the brief.

Finding a recruitment partner that finds possibles, and sends a couple down to see you is all very well but I want more for my investment because I know I can. I've made mistakes in the past thinking I know the game I'll do it myself, all but one have not worked out, and I now realise that they don't just have a big list and marry up your brief with a candidate on their books there's a hell of a lot more to it. Get your consultant to come down to your business, get them to understand you, not a bit of paper. Oh, and as a candidate don't piss them off, it's likely you'll need their help again in the future and it's a small world...

Jill truly loves what she does - hell she's done it for 14 years and with the same company she must do. Her field is Advertising and Marketing. There are truly only two organisations in central Scotland that are any good here, one is Denholm, the other is Quantum. Jill and Niky Denholm used to work together and are still chums - although to be fair Niky's bringing up a family and running a retail business and not so involved in recruitment anymore. There are other companies, like Eden Scott and Michael Page - they are scrabbling around working with companies and people that don't know any better, going through consultants like sand through their fingers.

One of my best mates has an agency too James Helliwell and Choice Consultants, he specialises in Media Sales; very niche and very successful covering all of Scotland and the north of England. God knows how because I hate the pink monkey thing on his website.

I think those that succeed will be the ones that make it personal, where there's a true connection whilst keeping on top of the emerging online social marketplace. There is a place for them in my world but then I would say that... I have to!

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