Marketing basics - do they apply in an online social sphere?

Ok, so whether you are putting up posters for a lost cat, or providing a poster campaign for VisitScotland there is a basic requirement that each message requires to make it work: AIDA
Attention: get the audience attention
Interest: keep them standing there
Demand: they now want it
Action: tell them where to get it

A social environment works largely through recommendation: topics, products, situations, stuff are all social objects that people have in common, they meet online to discus and recommend.

The traditional way of reaching an audience no longer applies (online) - when LinkedIn and Myspace first started the trend was all about seeing who could get more friends, not whether they were a relevant audience for you to converse with - the same could be said of Twitter right now. Social wealth and marketing power is not about quantity but quality. As direct-mail has changed - we no longer get swamped by junk mail, it's just pertinent to us because they now know who we are.

So, marketing online is turning into the purchase of knowledge and the people with the strongest connections in the area you wish to market to. Through friendships with likeminded people you can make recommendations - like old school direct-mail if you decide to forward to all your friends / fans every piece of news or recommendation there are going to be a lot of pissed off people.

Filtering those friends and fans to deliver that message. The right group know you and are expecting a conversation from you, happy to hear from you and discuss / converse on that area because the social element (social object) has commanality. By using tools such as Tweetabits!

There endeth the lesson... You can tell this has been burning in my head for 2 seconds, however I had to get it out!

Picture credit: Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid