LRX Concept get the go ahead

Last week I was delighted to learn that Land Rover announced the production of their LRX Concpet car. It's one that I have secretly lusted after for over a year now.

Land Rover have nearly always been in our family, it's not a fashion but a practical requirement, although less so recently. I live in Edinburgh and although my original reason for getting one was to accommodate the film production business (carting people and kit to damn difficult locations - hell, the Usher and I slept in the back of it at one T in the Park).

Now however it's just because I love the damn thing; it's neither practical nor entirely economically sound particularly being used by one person transporting 2 others infrequently around a metropolis... But the LRX - it's considerably smaller has parts made from recycled materials, has 2 engines and provides an excellent reason to buy myself an ipod, (giggling with glee).

So Land Rover, you say 2011 for the release - get a move on... I want one!

You can visit the site here