Conservatives, rejoice or spit?

I came across the following video looking for things related to Pitt Street (It's where the Red Dress studio lives); I'm unsure of the connection but thought it an interesting reflection on pride within the Conservative Party.

I'm a firm believer in positive thinking; I believe that negative thinking and bitter response to an arguement can make you look like an ass and under-achiever. However it's true to say that taking the piss out of the oposition is easy and a lot of fun.

Following in Obama's footsteps using Change as the lead word for the continuing campaigning of this party is an interesting route to take; it's a natural and instinctive response to the question in a downturn or poor performance: "What would you like to happen at the next election?" - "Please make a change!".

Does this make you rejoice or spit feathers?