764% increase in website visits

I know I've talked a wee bit about our involvement (Red Dress) as an agency in social media - now we have documented proof that we increased website traffic for one of our clients by a staggering 764% in a 3 month period.

What do we do, what do we use, how's it done...?

There are multiple tools available to any business and they can include a blog, creating groups on Facebook, filtering leads from Twitter, you name it - we provide a strategy and this is preceeded by feasibility and research to ensure that the conversations are going to create the right emotion to drive a reaction (or traffic) and ultimately sales if that's your driver.

Now commissioned by the Scottish Government / Edinburgh Council to provide seminars on how to use social media for communities and businesses I feel we are making some real progress in the possibilities it holds.

There are still reasons why businesses are reticent to get involved in using social media, it was written in Social Media today but essentially they are:
1. Employees will waste time with it - some companies have banned access, erm most of your employees have smart phones (you can twitter by text and access Facebook...)
2. Haters will damage the brand - build a community and those that love you will defend you to the hilt, if not see me!
3. They'll lose control of the brand - guess what your business is already being talked about, control is an illusion...
4. Social media requires a real budget - many of the tools are free, knowing how to use them requires experience and perspective.
5. They're scared they'll get sued - really, no really show me...!!
6. They're scared that someone will give away corporate secrets... create a social media policy for your staff and if you don't trust your staff erm, I'd look at your hiring procedures

Oh yes and by the way Zappos is a good example, from zero turnover just sold their business to Amazon for just over $1billion, their turnover and policies were almost entirely down to the use of social media. Having spent time with them in Las Vegas I can provide a unique insight into how this was achieved.

Anyway, lecture over - proof positive... it works!