Psychometric testing

I know of a very successful company (based in the US) that will only interview you if you fill certain criteria in a psychometric test - your profile has to be inline with the company or you just simpy wont fit in...

I have briefly met a couple of guys from "PeopleMaps" who have just launched a private beta of their service, you can find it here:

Ok so I did their free personality test, it's not indepth and no good for professional use but quite fun:

How you're likely to react to this report colin?
"Oh cool, what's this going to be saying about me?" You will immediately share it with all your family and friends.

Challenges you present to friends and colleagues
"A regular whirlwind is about when colin's excited about something" - friends often feel they need to lie down when they're met by the full force of your enthusiasm!

How best to communicate with colin
You always have a tale to tell colin, and a real need of a rapt audience to listen. To be effective in communicating with you it is wise for others to show interest in you as a person.

How others see you colin
You have been known to fall in love if not exactly at first sight, certainly at second!

Your attitude to gardening
Designing is what you love colin and this will be no exception when it comes to your garden.
You will have many great ideas and want exotic plants but how these plants are going to be kept alive in unsuitable climates will not be your concern.

Your response to someone cutting in front of you in traffic
You can become really annoyed if the car overtaking is smaller than yours colin. They're not going to get away with that, is your thought as you chase them down the motorway.

How you react if late for an appointment
You know that you will be able to charm anyone into accepting the excuse you create for being late colin.

Life is always in the fast lane for you and this makes it difficult to be on time for everything.

My wife tells me this is scarily accurate... ok then!

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