Ok so the game is afoot... we are now undertaking a soft launch of Tweetabits. So I'm afraid this blog will probably mention it rather a lot over the next few weeks and months.

For those of you that don't know: it is a twitter tool for businesses. Example: You are an accountant based on Easter Road but you work with clients all over Edinburgh. You are interested in connecting with people tweeting that are discussing payroll issues, Tax (but not Council), bookkeeping queries but not jobs. Tweetabits provides you with location or area specific columns of tweets that are headed with your search terms 'Payroll', 'Tax', 'Bookkeeping' and you can create as many columns as you want. Delivering live conversations from people just from in this case Edinburgh. This allows you to start conversations with people that need your services. Genius!

Additional Features include hot and cold leads by tweet and by user.

We are at the end of the development cycle and now looking for businesses to try it and give their feedback.

The pricepoint is £495