TechCrunch talks Tweetabits

Online PR is a difficult beast to tame at the best of times. I don't profess to be an expert in this area, I only know it's not something that you can immediately impact overnight. There has to be a sustained approach from lots of different angles using and abusing the friends and contacts you have to then employing a professional PR company to manage your property for you. I know a couple in this area so we'll see where it ends up:)

Tweetabits was mentioned in HI-TECH magazine earlier in the week and then offered up for discussion on TechCrunch today. Mike Butcher heads up TechCrunch Europe, he's a nice guy who constantly gets bombarded by new storys that he has to assess whether they are news worthy and what the angle will be. His approach to Tweetabits was flipant but he can also see the benefits. I look forward to seeing the feedback on TechCrunch. Although I have to bare in mind that it's not really the targetted audience that read Mike's blog. The product is really for business to consumer companies that have multi-sites either globally or locally not geeks that are looking for the next big thing in "tech world".


  1. Good article Colin. As we know it's not everyone who understands that there is real commercial value in twitter, but you guys are forging a trail and others will follow on. Even though, as you say the article was slightly flippant, you did get a mention on the same page as the mighty Zappos, and that doesn't come for free. Good luck with tweetabits, I look forward to getting a demo


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