Plan's coming together

Today I had some great meetings; one with Darcie at Channel 4ip and another with Sally at 'Common Turf' c/o Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO).

With Sally it was a case of getting to grips with CEO and Common Turf; a better understanding that they work where Business Gateway don't. They provide a similar sort of back up in business mentorship and processes but for those smaller companies that don't necessarily fall into the most likely remit of the gateway. Common turf then analyses those businesses and creates opportunities for them to meet - although they would if recent funding could support it further - it's another one that's under review.

We're hoping to hook up again in the not too distant future.

The Channel 4ip meeting was to share inside knowledge on a new twitter product for SME businesses and in particular Franchised businesses. It's a product called "Tweetabits" created by Digital Face (DF) that delivers local tweets relevant to location specific searches. DF are looking for support and feedback on the product - Darcie has until Thursday night to give me a report...

Today I was blown away by Glasgow; I caught it in a new light - it's gorgeous when the sun is shining, particularly Merchant City. The people are friendly, they are generally good looking or make a huge effort to look the part. The buildings are well cared for. I left thinking wow you've upped your game; great effort Glasgow City Council - now that's not something you hear very often.

Image courtesy of Hugh MacLeod