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Brian Currie gave me permission to post a link to his article in The Herald today: "Governments ‘must safeguard future of Scots newspapers"
My question to you is Yes or No?

In my meagre opinion - No

I have argued on 38 Minutes previously that great creative journalism is fantastic - they need all the support that we can give them. I was not referring to a handout - I was referring to links and recognition of the copy they write (i.e. not plagiarism).

If the paper is not keeping up with the times - design, content and interactivity then does it deserve to continue? And why should a handout be requested... is it because it's a failing business and they have lost sight of a commercial opportunity and this seems like the easy option? Hell the banks got away with it, why can't we attitude?

Or should the debate be the "invaluable" service that newspapers perform - if they were truly invaluable would they be in this much trouble?

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