At the moment 'T in the Park' is in full swing and the 3rd day is about to kick off. Talor (my 16yr old daughter) is there with a huge group of her pals - my experience of it this year has been a phone call with some screaming and a Calvin Harris moment thrashed down the ear piece... she's loving it (so far). It is true to say that I will never likely return; in 2007 Colin Usher and I were part of the Proclaimers crew, we were media managing them at the time and also filming their performance - so basically our existence consisted of hanging out in the Artists Village and doing all the backstage stuff that went with it - getting invited to a party by Mani (Primal Scream), hanging out with the guys from The Crimea, chatting to Edith Bowman, waving at Drew Barrymore (should have gone over and said hello... sorry hon), sharing a portacabin with the Arctic Monkeys, on a table with Sandi Thom, stood on Lily Allen's toe (made that last one up - but she was there)... I could say more but we'll leave it there. The point being that yes it has a few famous people but look at in comparison to a couple of others.

The press this year have been saying it's the biggest Festival in Scotland... umm right, not strictly true - the word music may have been missed.

I still don't understand why the Edinburgh Festival (Fringe) does not get more publicity - it has to be one of the biggest on a global scale. Last year there were 1.75 million tickets sold for events lasting over 23 days. This year the Fringe 2009 features 34,265 performances of 2,098 shows in 265 venues - that's a staggering piece of management.

SXSW = South by South West an amazing festival over in the states which has been going for 22 years boasts 1500 acts - I'm not dissing it, I've been invited over for next years... it's just that it succeeds where Edinburgh hasn't in the world of PR.

now has an amazing opportunity to attract an international audience of amazing proportions because the weakness of the £ in the money markets (both US and Euro), so let's milk it. Big it up, every opportunity you get!


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