Fair day

Ok, so it's fair to say - I had a fair day; and by that I mean I had a couple of great meetings with a fair outcome followed up by queueing in traffic behind a bunch of carnies on their way to set up a fair...

It was good to see Stewart again at SMK Print; Stewart works out of Easter Road and has been in print business for the best part of his life and what he doesn't know about print could probably be written on the back of a stamp. Stewart and I belong to a little known networking group called 'F4B' or 'First for Business' (putting business first - in the morning) - the height of cheese because the meetings start at 7:00am. I can't say it's a struggle for me because I'm always up with the larks but it's been great. You can find out more about here: F4B

I had lunch at Hawke & Hunter again today with some new clients who have loads of requirements so that was quite exciting; I obviously can't give too much away here because work starts in earnest next week and I don't want to jinx it before we even start. Top effort at H & H again, I should be getting my food for free the amount of times I go to that place (hint hint...!)

Back at DF Central I had a great meeting with my mate Davey Peters chatting about some mutual projects - he does nothing but impress me with his take on life and all things creative. It's great to get an injection of hyperactivity that you know is going to lead to something fantastic - I'm counting my chickens here but I know it's going to be more than just a fair outcome.