Getting or making an attention is a trial unless there is real confidence in your tone and attitude in your nature.

I was watching some old reruns of Dragons Den the other day and there was this pair who had come up with an alternate to the traditional bell for the push-bike: a digital one. They lived in London and were tired of being unnoticed by every other road user. The old bell was too tinkly amongst the horns and torrent of verbal abuse - the Dragons response (who I'm guessing don't know what it is to ride a bike in public let alone on busy London streets) was littered with sarcasm about using clown horns and compressed air horns, understandably in my opinion. OK so I love the idea of the battery operated digital shreek or whistle; the problem wasn't the product it was down to the humble presentation.

I attend tennis coaching every Sunday morning, it's a group activity, there can be as many as 15 or as few as 4 that turn up. Not that I'm sneaky or troublesome but inevitably we somehow end up analysing the game area that I want to work on. Why is that - I don't pay any more than anyone else, I'm not the worst or the best. I just look out for number one... me. I'm not there for the benefit of anyone else - don't get me wrong I've made friends with quite a few who make it along on a regular basis, it's just that I'm interested in winning.

If you want to win get yourself noticed! It's easy for me to say I'm in marketing... if you don't do it no one will find you or your product... NO BLOODY BRAINER! You do it for your company, why don't you do it for yourself.