Amazing work at RUTS

Yesterday saw me visit one of our support projects... once a year Digital Face picks a charity and works with them to deliver a project free of charge. It usually takes the form of a website, graphic design, marketing strategy or just straight volunteering.

This year we are starting to see the fruits of our labour working with R.U.T.S. or Rural and Urban Training Scheme. These guys carry out some amazing work. They provide an invaluable education to high school kids who have lost their way or need focus by introducing them to motorbikes... yup they learn how to build, reconstruct, ride... anything and everything to do with bikes whilst also gaining invaluable skills whether reading or arithmetic but ultimately gaining a certificated and SQA recognised qualification.

Although based on the outskirts of Edinburgh (near the Mining Museum at Newtongrange) they have 2 mobile units that visit schools and remote areas. Due to the mobile units (instigated last year) they now have appointments all over Scotland and are getting innundated with requests. However they are now becoming a victim of their own success. They now desperately need new bikes and safety gear because it's all starting to look a bit old and tired. They are a charity and require assistance not only from grant funding but private and local businesses or associations.

So if you know of anyone that is a keen biker, that has a business and would like to be associated with helping wayward kids gain a more rounded education please get them to speak to Caroline or one of her team!!! Sponsorship takes many forms - not least the provision of knackered old, unused or neglected bikes (and bike parts) that they can do up and sell or return to the original owner for a fee.

RUTS: 0131 663 5736 or E: