The way to conduct business!

Yet again I seem to be on the move - although to be fair in some familiar hunting grounds.

Yesterday morning saw me down at Rennie's Isle hooking up with my amazing Business Manager at the Bank of Scotland (or whatever you want to call it now) - she has long supported us, been at our beck and call (and come along to the odd Christmas party) and knows my various ventures inside out. We have another business looming in the background that is breaking away from DF but more on that later.

I was then supposed be hooking up with 2 guys who are setting up a social networking site - they're going through the whole funding process at the moment... they couldn't turn up, their pitch had gone so well (prior to our meet) that first round funding was now over subscribed - my pearls of wisdom have now been postponed until later in the week. It's an interesting proposition that I guess I'll find out more about in the weeks ahead.

This morning saw Paul (the DF Senior Developer)and I at CentOtre - we were carrying out some beta testing on a new product "tweetabits" with our very good friend Jim Woolff (congrats on the new job by the way!) This is where I should mention the fabulous service, devine coffee and pastries - with yes you guessed it free (stong signal, no password) WIFI!!! Hello Edinburgh eateries: wise up, get with the programme and promote that you have it too!

This afternoon saw me at Hawke & Hunter, which for those people visiting Edinburgh either by car (parking at St James multi-storey) or by train (10 minute walk) or (me) coming from Leith, is becoming a really handy meeting place - great food, great service and good WIFI ("picardypl" for the password). My meeting was with John Campbell who I met for the first time at the Entrepreneurial Exchange Summer Ball - which was missing 200 heads, MC'd by a DJ better suited to bingo calling, a live act who we love to support (Leon Jackson) but better suited to a Funeral Home, didn't go down well on our table... needless to say we left early. John staying in Glasgow and me based in Edinburgh, the event didn't give us an opportunity to chat... hence the meet.

Back to yesterday, I spent the afternoon playing a round of golf with other board members from Bizlinx (EH4), and one in particular who is effectively supporting a new product launch (hence the reason to see the bank yesterday). But wow - I'd never done the business golf thing before; I've played golf but not like this. The weather was amazing (I got slightly sunburnt), we hired buggies (it was either that or hire a mountain goat as a caddie) and chat casually about business for 3 hours. The view from the top of the Swanston course over Edinburgh is spectacular.

Now that's the way to conduct business!


  1. and the day ends in a night club with bottles of cristal!

  2. I should be so lucky... I thought taking an afternoon off work was decadence enough!

    For me it would be more like a pint of Kronenburg in a beer garden, now that's a treat!


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