Thriving & Traffic Congestion

This afternoon I made a mad dash up to The George Hotel to a networking event hosted by Annie at "Thrive for Business" - it's called 'Energy and Ethicals'. I can honestly say by the time I made it after fighting my way through the traffic I had neither energy nor was of an ethical disposition.

I met some great and really interesting people not least two sets of folk who are interested in working together RESULT! And also made a great contact at Edinburgh City Council Planning who wants me to get in touch with a report about the work that we carried out at Edinburgh Park.

Edinburgh Park is a business park on the outskirts of Edinburgh (on the way to the airport) it lives right next to the Gyle Shopping Centre. The developers were challenged with no further planning consent until they submitted a 'Green Travel Plan' - this was down to the horrendous traffic congestion coming in and out of the park - really due to it being right on a main thoroughfare into Edinburgh City Centre.

We were appointed to provide the solution when we suggested that the working community on Edinburgh Park would really benefit from having a social networking site... Why?

The site brings together the 7000 employees that work on the park, working for companies such as BT, Diageo, HSBC and Aegon by providing a page that hosts a car-sharing scheme, traffic web-cams, bus trackers, the city-car-club, cycle groups, running groups whilst also providing a place for local businesses to offer discount vouchers for sandwiches or dry-cleaning... it has had a dramatic effect on the traffic congestion.

There are over 4000 regular users on the site... now this begs the question why don't city centre's all over the country think about applying this sort of technology and obvious solution...?

PS. I'm afraid I am one of those rare people that is a huge fan of the Edinburgh Tram project - I am only a little disappointed there is only one route and not a thorough network...